The Balm

The Balm

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The Balm is magic in a jar. This multipurpose balm is packed with six healing herbs + soothing lavender & palmarosa essential oils. Each herb used is antibacterial/antimicrobial & healing to the skin


-Aids in healing, soothing, and disinfecting burns, cuts, insect bites, eczema, psoriasis, + other skin wounds.

-Helps soothe + moisturize dry, itchy scalp

-Can be used as a cleansing balm: massage into face, wipe the balm away with warm water + a gentle exfoliating cloth. This balm helps keep acne at bay + aids in regenerating skin cells, reducing scarring/blemishes

-Makeup Remover

-Lip Balm

-Hair Treatment

...the possibilities are endless.

Ingredients: *sunflower oil + hemp seed oil infused with: *plantain leaf, *st. john's wort, *comfrey, *yarrow, *lemon balm, *echinacea, beeswax, essential oils of: lavender + palmarosa


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